the villas - ayurveda and balineese healing
          ~ Ayurveda for your health and relax~
                                What is Ayurrveda?
Considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science,
Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that is designed
to help people live long, healthy, and well-balanced lives.
The term Ayurveda is taken from the Sanskrit words ayus,
meaning life or lifespan, and veda, meaning knowledge.
It has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years
and has recently become popular in Western cultures.
The basic principle of Ayurveda is to prevent and treat illness
by maintaining balance in the body, mind,
and consciousness through proper drinking, diet,
and lifestyle, as well as herbal remedies.
                                                    How does it work?
Each person has a distinct pattern of energy -- a specific combination
 of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.
 It is also believed that there Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint,
 according to Ayurvedic beliefs, each person has a distinct pattern
are three basic energy types called doshas, present in every person:
When the first visit to *the villas*,we will do consultation of dosha
check with original check sheet.
Ayurvedic consultation helps you to know your own individual body
 consultation.know who you are.what makes you healty.
             What should I expect from Treatment?
Ayurvedic treatment forcused on rebalancint the doshas.
on your first visit 'the villas',the practitioner will take a
detailed medecal history,check your pulse and ask you
questtions about your general health,paying special attention
to your balance,which almost includes changes in lifestyle.
practitionaers drow from 3 types of treatment.
             What is ayurvedic therapeutic massage?
Its starts with a relaxation technique to release tenshion,
removing excess toxins from body.
It not only works on the Physical body but also subtle body.
It include massage of vital point which helps in restoring
the balance of constitution in the body by increasing
the flow of life force in you.
                What is shiroabhyanga (indian head massage)?
It includes  pouring of warm oil on the head.then massaging
the head neck and forhead considering the vital point relaxation
 to the head which helps in releasing the stress
and knots from sholder and neck region.
                       Whats is shirodhara?
The massage and treatment works both on the physical
and subtle body.
Once your body has reached the balanced state,
warm oils are then poured on the forehead third eye
for relaxaiton to any head or neck problems such as
 insomnia and headache.
Shirodhara also gives strength to the ervous helps
to liberate toxins.
This treatment release tension and is excellent for
people with chronic stress related problems.
【the trial menu for ayurveda】70min in tolal  9,800JPY

Foot bath 
Abhyanga   30min
Shirodhara  20min
Tea&Dessert /advice
【the villas special  corse】 150min in total  19,800JP

Foot bath 
Abhyanga 60min
Shirodhara 30min
Flower bath with aroma and detox salt    
Tea and Dessert /Advice
【Anti-Ageing abhyanga course】100min in total   13,500JPY
Foot bath
Abhyanga 60min
Tea and Dessert / Advice
【Anti-Ageing Shirodhara course】90min in total  14,500円JPY
                                              3days /Only Shirodhara(total 180 min)30,000JPY
Foot bath
shiroabhyanga 15min
Shirodhara 45min
Tea and Dessert / Advice
Flower bath 2,500JPY
Paraphin pack for hand or foot 1,000JPY
Sculp care 2,000JPY
Galsyana (dry massage with silky hand glove) 1,000JPY
Herbal ball treatment 2,oooJPY
※You can add the options with all couses.
Please make yourself comfortable with Tea and Dessert at terras
after the spa treatment
seminar of ayruveda
The gift from the Villas is  your dosha's advise  sheet(written by English version)
                       advanced reservation is reqired
                        please make a reservation by e-mail.
 ※   please leave a message to voice macine incase you need to call for other questions as i can't answer the phone during the salon work / 080-3247-8155)
Access : 5 chome yakumo meguro-ku Tokyo (near the komazawa park)
                     Tokyu Toyoko Line 'Toritsu-daigaku st.' by walk 10min
                     Tokyu Denentoshi Line 'Komazawa-daigaku st.' by walk 10min 
                     Tokyu Toyoko Line 'Jiyugaoka st.'by Bus 5 min
Parking : 1 available front of the salon(advanced reservation is required)
Open Hours : Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday 11am-20pm(last order 19pm)
Fee  : Cash only(credit card not available)
           Advanced reservation is required.
           Please contact and make a reservation.